A look at the various types of metal sheet materials and accessories.

Corrugated Metal Sheets

Corrugated metal sheets are a commonly used material for high strength roofing and siding projects.

Corrugated metal sheets, or corrugated iron/pailing, are a metal building material typically used for roofing.  Think of a barn you have in your local town or even a shed.  Most will have a rippled metal rooftop, which is usually made from corrugated metal sheets.  These metal sheets are relatively light and can easily be transported from one location to another, no matter their size.  Many military and rural buildings still use this type of metal for their roofing material to this day.

Today, all corrugated metal sheets are created through a process of roll forming the sheet metal.  This is all done by machinery, which leaves a lower cost to consumers.  The traditional metals used for corrugated metal sheets are steel, aluminum, and copper.  There are some plastic and fiberglass sheets on the market that appear to look like corrugated metal sheets, but they are not as durable.  You can typically find your corrugated metal sheets in a variety of gauge sizes.  When it comes to gauges, the smallest number is actually the thickest material.  Most metal sheets that are corrugated come in 6 to 30 gauge thickness.  Most manufacturers will offer custom sheeting that can be thicker or thinner than the available sizes, but those are just the standard “off the roll” in the market.

Another thing to consider when purchasing corrugated material is the pitch and depth of each sheet.  The pitch is the space in between each “wave” of the rolls and the depth classifies the amount of space each wave dips down.  You will always want to order the same size pitch and depth sheets.  This is not only for aesthetic purposes, but they are easier to transport or ship.  You can find corrugated metal sheets for $5.00 to $23.00 per square foot.  Many online and in-store retailers offer metal sheets that are corrugated.  You can check out local retailers such as Home Depot, ACE Hardware, True Value, Lowes or even your local metal manufacturing plant.  If you are looking for wholesale pricing or just to order in bulk, you may want to visit a local manufacturer rather than a retail store.  There are also numerous options when it comes to purchasing your metal sheets online.  You can visit retailers such as K&S Metals, Do it Best, and Micro-Mark for wholesale and affordable corrugated metal.

When it comes time to place roofing on your barn or shed, you should always look into corrugated metal sheets.  Always remember the exact size you need, since most sheeting will need to be cut to order.  If you are ordering custom panels or curved paneling, you may need to visit a specialty metal manufacturer rather than your local retail store.  In the end, corrugated metal sheets are durable and can last a long time no matter their use.  Those they are traditionally used for rural roofing, you can also purchase your corrugated metal to use in contemporary art pieces around the house.  There is no end to the possibilities of what you can do with sheet metal.